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About Me

It takes a longtime to develop

I am an enthusiastic photographer based in South Leicestershire, England. I have been interested in photography for nearly 30 years on and off in one form or another. Growing up I have memories of the old 110 film camera’s. My Grandparents buying one of the first Polaroid Instamatic camera’s and my fathers Pentax 110 with interchangeable lens.

My first real exposure to photography was in my first job after leaving school. The role involved working as a darkroom assistant processing black and white film. This gave me an opportunity to shoot, process and print. I had a Pentax ME Super camera to shoot with and was able to borrow a couple of lenses from work. I read as much as I could on photography, and took as many images as time and film would allow. After a couple of years, and with a change of job I gave up on photography. The travelling in my new role and also being disheartened by the amazing standard of work presented in magazines, which I felt I could never achieve left me feeling flat and not inspired to carry on.

Starting Again

I picked up the camera again about 5 years ago, being happy in the interim time to carry and use a point and shoot. However this time I understood what I was trying to achieve with my photography and found it a lot more enjoyable. I invested in my first digital camera a Casio, if I remember correctly all of 2 mega pixels. This time information and training was a lot more readily available through the internet. Also along with the advent of digital, being able to take a number of shots to understand the process and results is a lot more affordable now.

More recently I spent some time working with a friend in Expressive Photography, providing Wedding and Event photography. But more recently I have enjoyed being able to develop and photograph a wide range of subjects. So hence my website. I set this up to record my photography, to share with friends and family. Plus to hopefully give something back to anyone else who is learning, looking for knowledge and inspiration. I have recently been bitten by the bug of iPhone photography. Mainly using the Hipstamatic and Camera+ applications.

So please have a look round. I hope you find the site interesting and please leave a comment or get in touch. It’s always nice to get some feedback.